Perhaps the single most important decision you will make in designing your home theater is your choice in seating. Afterall, the seat is where you will be spending most of your time while in your theater. When designing a theater, the selection of seating is usually our first step. The seats and their locations will dictate the distance to the screen, how large the screen should be, any riser(s) that may be required, how many rows can be accomodated, how many seats per row can be accomodated, where the surround speakers should be positioned, etc. Once the seats are selected, a sight line analysis can be performed so that each seat has an unencumbered view of the screen.

Steamtown Home Theater carries many of the finest brands in home theater seating. Some of the styles include: basic stadium style seats, rocking stadium style seats, club chairs, lounger seats, and adjoining recliners in straight and curved rows. We also have a supply of genuine depression era seats from the Scranton Cultural Center!

Some of the fabrics available include velour, microfiber, suede, and a wide variety of leathers. Some of the options available include motorized recline and tactile transducers. Tactile transducers are very low frequency drivers that are mounted in the seats. When an explosion or other low frequency sound effect is presented, the seats actually vibrate and shake, further adding to the "you are there" effect.

The pictures on this page are just a sampling of the seating lines we carry. Give us a call and we can design a seating plan for you!

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