Whether you're entertaining or just relaxing at home, it's wonderful to have music wherever you want it, even outdoors. As part of your home wiring network, Steamtown Home Theater can install speakers in walls or ceiling, under eaves on your deck, even disguised as rocks in your garden. You can select radio stations, CDs, even the sound of the TV and you can control it all at the touch of a button.

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Enjoy music in any room of your home, even outdoors. Move from room to room with the same rich sound wherever you go.

Allows you to control your music system remotely, from another part of the house.

Allows you to hide equipment in cabinets or closets. You don't need equipment in every room.


Audio equipment in a central location (family room, den, etc.) feeds sound to speakers located in other rooms and areas.

Speakers can be mounted in walls or ceilings and can be painted to match your decor they can be made to virtually disappear.

Volume controls and keypads are mounted in walls like light switches. They're wired into the system so that you can control the sound in a room or the entire house.

Simple systems share the same sound in all areas (multi-room). More sophisticated systems allow different programs to be heard in different rooms at the same time (multi-source).

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