Most homes have TV outlets in only a few rooms. With a whole-house video system, you can watch not only TV, but movies from your VCR, satellite dish, DVD player, or closed circuit TV cameras on any TV in your home.

av-distribution-wall-plate video-distribution


Lets you watch the program from a VCR, DVD, or satellite receiver in other rooms of your house.

Lets you watch the picture from closed circuit TV cameras on any TV in your house: see who's at the front door; keep an eye on the baby upstairs; or watch the kids in the pool.

Ensures that the video signal to every room is strong and clear.


High quality shielded cables run from outlets in each room to a central panel in your garage or utility room.

At locations where a VCR, DVD, or satellite receiver will be located, two cables are installed. This allows the program from these devices to be sent back to the central panel where it can be distributed to other rooms.

'Feeds' from your roof top antenna, cable TV, closed circuit cameras, and satellite dish are brought to the central panel.

At the central panel, some of the 'feeds' from closed circuit cameras, satellite receiver, DVD, etc., are turned into channels (modulated) so that you can select those programs on any TV in your home.

The various 'feeds' and modulated signals are combined to distribute the programs to all the rooms in the house, or specific feeds are directed to individual rooms, as you desire.

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